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The Aircraft
Tasmania boasts some of Australia's most rugged and unforgiving terrain. If you walked around the coastline of Tasmania, including all the inlets and bays, you would walk around the longest coast of any Australian State. The Service averages around 150 missions each year.

These missions have involved;

  • Searches for missing bushwalkers, boats and planes;

  • Air lifting injured and ill bushwalkers and people living in remote areas and even off boats which are miles off shore;

  • 'Medivac' or the medical evacuation of people injured in road accidents and accidents in remote areas;
  • Diving or other water-rescue related accidents.
In the case of many rescues, it is impossible to land and the casualty is winched into the helicopter and treated by the paramedics whilst being transferred to the nearest hospital.
The Westpac Rescue Helicopter

The Westpac Rescue Helicopter

The Westpac Rescue Helicopter is a twin-engine Kawasaki BK117 which operates 24-hours a day, seven days a week and is equipped with medical and emergency equipment enabling it to fly into almost any area in any conditions, day or night.

The helicopter has a three-person winch stretching 70m in length and contains a stretcher. The helicopter is also capable of two-patient transport when required. It also contains intensive care medical equipment and a range of rescue equipment. It also has a 30 million candle power 'Nitesun' searchlight for night operations. The Westpac Rescue Helicopters rear doors
The Search and Rescue capabilities of Tasmania Police have been extended through the generous provision by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority of a Forward Looking Infra-Red (FLIR) system, purchased at a cost of $US400,000, fitted to the Westpac Rescue Helicopter. The system enhances search and rescue through a range of cameras incorporating the latest technology in thermal imaging.
Technical Specifications
Engine Type:
Lycoming IT'S 101
Engine Power (HP):
700 shaft hp per engine
Fuel Capacity (It's):
720 Litres
Cruise Speed (kph):
247 kph
Payload (Kgs):
Seating Capacity (Excluding Pilot):
9 people
Range (Km) with full payload:
540 Kms
Endurance (hrs/min) with full payload:
2hrs 50mins
Night VFR:
Cargo Hook:
Personnel Hoist:
Yes - (600lb/270kg) variable speed.
Garmin 430W (2 of) and Garmin MDX 200 multi function display
Firefighting Equipment:
Bucket & Type:
Bambi Model 2024
Capacity (It's):
910 Litres
Foam Injection & Type:
CDAX electronic foam injection
Additional Equipment:
600 Lb(270kg) Hoist
30 Million Candle Power Night Sun Search Light
8/9 adjustable rear passenger seating
200' Long Line with Electric Remote Hook
Dual Sliding Rear Crew Doors
Clam Shell Rear loading doors with high set Tail Rotor
Long -line for Bambi bucket

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